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Super Nova Racing

Super Nova is one of the branches of Nova, a Japanese teaching company. Originally the company portrayed its strength through sponsoring all its branches, but unfortunately became bankrupt. However this did not affect Super Nova to an extent of falling apart, rather with internal and external support, it remained strong.

Super Nova Racing

Super Nova RacingSuper Nova Racing typically refers to a racing team from Britain, which began racing in 1991. This team is known to have competed in the A1 Grand Prix and Formula 3000/GP2 series. The team came after a previous one called David Sears Motorsport as a new incarnation.

This team was backed up by able staff members, such as: David Sears who was the team principal, Andy Roche the chief engineer, Patrick Moore the team manager among several others. They worked hand in hand for the success of the team. The sponsor for this team was the Japanese English Schools Nova chain.

Further, in 1995 the season became dominated by Super Nova to the end. During the following year, they engaged in a Championship where they attained first and second place. This team continued to set a record for over next ten years, where they eventually won the F3000 Championship.

Many of Super Nova drivers participated in races in Formula One and also in America. Through the races, good relations were created with car teams of top Champ and IRL. Due to maintenance of these connections, this team became stronger than before.

This company started off very well, however in 2007 some problems arose. The media realizing this spread the news about the problems all over Japan. One of the problems reported was inability to pay the salaries of its staff and also bonuses.

Later in the year, the company ended up being declared bankrupt, but Nova still remained as the sponsor. The problems became intense and led to the arrest of Nova chain of English schools president, Saruhashi. The president was found guilty of embezzlement, and therefore sentenced to serve a 42-month imprisonment.

Super Nova RacingUnfortunately, 1n 2012 the Italian team called Lazarus replaced Super Nova in the GP2 Series. Surprisingly, Super Nova came up under the name Trulli GP to compete in the FIA Formula E Championship. The latter was an agreement between the two teams, since Super Nova was rated very highly.

Super Nova has been competing continuously in the World Series of Auto GP. In almost all the competitions, its performance has been high and professionally standard. The team works on the mission to get the best starting from the staff, then the driver and the car.

Today Super Nova is still participating in competitions where it competes in the Auto GP World Series. It has emerged as one of the teams which are rated high in motor sport internationally. Many other teams have lived to admire this strong team that hardly gives up. Additionally, the team has continued to recruit new members due to its good reputation.


Super Nova team is well known to have people who possess high level of experience. In addition the team members are very serious and dedicated people, despite the challenges they have faced.Therefore, the fact that their sponsor turned them down did not mean the end had come.

Fastest Cars in the World

Car makers have been working extra hard, with the mission of coming up with the fastest car worldwide. Fortunately, they have invented cars whose speed is almost getting to 300mph. This dream was accomplished after the abolishment of rules restricting on speed. More often, sheet metal is designed in a way that makes the car to move faster.

10 Fastest Cars in the World

1) Koenigsegg One: 1

Fastest Cars in the WorldManufacturers claim that this is the world’s fastest car, with its top speed being 280mph. it has a twin- turbo V8 of 5.0 liters, which gives it a staggering 1,346bhp and 1,371Nm.

2) Hennessey Venom GT

Fastest Cars in the WorldThis car moves at a speed of 270mph, which is enhanced by mighty packing 1,244bhp twin-turbocharged. This version is from engine of Chevrolet Corvettes V8.

3) Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

Fastest Cars in the WorldThis car happens to be the first production that astonished the world. It exceeded 250mph and immediately when the speed limiter was abolished, the speed was raised to 269.86mph. Its engine of quad-turbo W16 does the legwork; therefore the driver uses less effort. The driver does not even realize that the speed is pretty high.

4) SSC Ultimate Aero

Fastest Cars in the WorldThe features of this car making it move faster are; a twin turbo V8 bespoke 6.3 “liter with claimed horsepower of 1,287. The car moves at a speed of 257mph, and a new model of this car is coming up called Tuatara.

5) McLaren F1

Fastest Cars in the WorldThe car is known for its usability and an ultimate speed. Sometimes back in 1998, this car with its speed of 242.8mph was the fastest car around. The top speed came up as a result of its 6.1-litre BMW of 672bhp and V12 spinning at 8,300rpm.

6) Pagani Huayra

Fastest Cars in the WorldThis model is beautifully designed with several details of hand-craft inside. It is propelled by a 720bhp twin-turbo Mercedes V12 to move at a speed of 225mph. The car is made from carbon fiber, and possesses an aerodynamic system making it adjust automatically.

7) Noble M600

Fastest Cars in the WorldThis is a two-seater car, with a 650bhp twin-turbo V8. It moves at a top speed of 225mph. However there are no anti-lock brakes. The latter makes many people afraid of driving it, and only the brave ones enjoy the ride.

8) Aston Martin One-77

Fastest Cars in the WorldIt is a representative of automotive forms that are desirable worldwide. The car is made from carbon fiber and it possesses a seamless bodyshell. Its 7.3 liter V12 makes it move at a top speed of 220mph.

9) Ferrari la-Ferrarri

Fastest Cars in the WorldIt amazes in that its performance depends purely on its electric and petrol power. Therefore, its 950bhp propels it to the highest speed of 217mph.

10) Lamborghini Aventador

Fastest Cars in the WorldThis model possesses a 6.5 liter V12 which causes a soundtrack that is not conducive to the ears. It accelerates at an astonishing rate and moves at a top speed of 217mph. To manage the speed, the manufacturers included ceramic brakes and aerodynamics which are very active.


Speed is of great importance especially to drivers, as they experience a sense of satisfaction. It is encouraging when a driver enjoys the freedom to drive at the car’s highest speed. Amazingly, some cars are even able to move faster than the time one takes to tweet.

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