A 12 volt AC unit is essential for your car in many ways. The AC unit can be used for various portable uses that are essential for the optimum performance of your car. The 12V AC unit can be easily stored in your car and used whenever any need arises.

Why do you need a 12V AC Unit for Your Car?

Reasons to Have 12V Air Compressor for Your CarDespite having your car in good condition while leaving your apartment, it is no surprise to ride over a sharp object or a rough road that leads to the deflation of your tires. Therefore, having a 12V AC unit for your car is important in ensuring that you are comfortable as you travel to different places. For getting more information about the air compressor, you can check out the blog. The following are reasons why you need a 12V AC unit in for your car:

1) For Conditioning the Air in Your Car

While travelling for long distances and in hot weathers, your car may turn to you as an oven which is at its highest temperature. This may make your journey more tiresome and even frustrating.

However, with a 12V AC unit, the air in your can be properly conditioned by reducing the temperature. The 12V AC unit emits an icy breeze that cools the air inside thus relieving the hotness and stuffiness causes by high temperatures.

The Ac unit draws the hot air in the vehicle to its refrigerant system. The refrigerant has a condenser system which exposes the hot air to moisture for effective cooling. After cooling, the air is directed to the expansion valve and the evaporator of the dashboard where all moisture is removed.

This air is also cleansed through eliminating the contaminants such as stuffiness and other foreign materials such as dirt. The resulting air is free from high temperature, moisture, and other contaminants.

2) For the Inflation of Your Tires

Reasons to Have 12V Air Compressor for Your CarDriving in remote places may expose you to the dangers of dealing with a flat tire at any time. Therefore, this makes the 12V AC unit an important tool to carry around. With the AC unit, you can easily inflate your tires any time that you need.

This may also be an important bit of the 12V AC unit at home whenever you are in a hurry. With it, you do not need to visit the filling stations or the vehicle garage for tire inflation services. Essentially, this saves your time.

12V AC unit can comfortably compress air up to 7 bar/100 psi. It also comes with a large tank that can store large volume of air. With its 12 volt air pressure, the 12V AC unit can easily inflate your car tires within a few seconds.

Also, the 12V AC unit comes with a plug for electric connection. With this plug, you can easily connect the AC unit to your car batteries in case your compressed air becomes insufficient. This increases its convenience.


Tire inflation and air conditioning are two essential components which are essential for the proper performance of your car. This becomes more important especially when you are travelling to remote places or during hot weathers. Having a 12V AC unit in your car helps you to take care of these problems and prevent them from affecting you.