In 2005 we see the creation of the GP2 series. GP2 has been established to provide the same ‘stepping stone’ for young drivers to Formula One as F3000 did, by providing a very fast and safe car.

What’s GP2

Imagine a championship where excitement, passion, competition and flare are the very reason for existence; where technology yet affordability runs in tandem with unparalleled levels alike; a championship designed entirely to equip every member of every team with the experience, knowledge and determination to succeed in Formula One.

The Show

Running at speeds only a few seconds shy of F1 pace, fans of real racing will be in their element as these identical machines go head-to-head every other weekend. Compulsory pit stops will spice up the running order, while ground effect will maximise overtaking possibilities on track. The GP2 car has no traction control or power steering, so it really will be a physical and challenging sport.

The Performance

600bhp, carbon brakes, paddle shift gear selection….nowhere else can one find a series of moto-type single-seater so closely matched to their F1 cousins in looks, technology and performance. The GP2 car will hit 200 kph in 6.70 seconds and has a top speed of 320kp, and the intensive development, which the car has been subjected to means that, while the cars will be fast they’ll also be reliable.

All teams will be racing on identical tyres provided by Bridgestone, which are to Formula One specification.

GP2 will race twelve venues with twenty-three races. There will be a Saturday race with the points being awarded on the same scale as previously, with 2 points up for grabs for the fastest lap. The Sunday sprint race, at all locations apart from Monaco, will be of the finishing order of Saturdays race, however the top eight positions will be reversed, leaving the winner from the Saturday race starting in 8th position. All the GP2 races support Formula One.

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