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Super Nova are proud to partner renowned tuning company GAD Tuning, who are class leaders in bespoke ECU remapping and DPF removal.

The relationship sees GAD branding on the team's Auto GP cars and a GAD Tuning facility based at Super Nova's workshop in Griston, Norfolk, as well as using motorsport combined with Super Nova's vast experience and contact base to educate the public on the services that GAD provide.

GAD was founded in 2009 where it developed bespoke ECU Remapping software for motorsport clients then, as the company's tuning prowess allowed it's customer base to expand, quickly branched out to providing bespoke ECU remaps and engine management software all over the world to a large range of clients. From Main Dealerships such as AUDI, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche, all the way through to major fleet operators to reduce C02 and increase MPG. Remapping is such a diverse product with the power and knowledge behind it can make a huge difference to both performance and economy. GAD Tuning have extensive knowledge of both ECU's (remaps) and vehicle electronics (physical hardware), with main dealer and motorsport experience.

As well as advanced ECU remapping GAD also develop the following software applications -
DPF Removal , EGR Removal, Anti Lag, POPcorn Limiter and Launch Control

John Sears - Super Nova International

"We are very excited with the potential that this partnership with GAD provides. Motorsport is a high performance sport but one that is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. GAD's magic allows them to not only improve performance and economy on many vehicle applications, it even reduces emissions in most cases. Having spent some time with GAD Norwich boss, Adam Hale-Sutton, and the GAD directors it is clear that they are a dynamic and talented group of individuals and I am confident that we will have an excellent working relationship moving forwards that is beneficial for all."

Gary Leverett - AFFIMI Technical Director @ GAD Tuning ltd

"GAD are thrilled to work with such a major player within motorsport, with both parties providing expertise for racing and vehicle enhancement. Supernova and GAD Tuning ltd are both key players in the automotive industry providing motorsport applications for environmentally friendly engine management solutions. GAD are proud to offer ECU remapping at Super Nova's technical facility in Norfolk, we have a dedicated GAD technician based there permanently providing in house research and development software for any application currently available on the market, backed by an industry leading £5 million insurance policy."

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