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Team Manager - Andy Roche, "The Team were asked what their favourite race track was...these were the answers!"
"One of my favourite tracks is Spa. The layout, the long straights and challenging corners, with Eau Rouge and the unpredictable weather, it always has and will continue to produce excellent races!"
Accounts Manager - Nikki Lovell Race Engineer - Patrick Coorey Race Engineer - Dan Walmsley
Some words from Nikki coming soon.
"Monaco is my favourite, because winning there is almost as good as winning a championship!"
Some words from Dan coming soon.
Data Engineer - James Urwin Engineer - Jonathan (Flex) Moury Chief Mechanic - Paul Devlin
Some words from James coming soon.
"Spa, because I’ve raced there, its in Belgium and it’s just awesome!"
"Spa is one of my favourites, it’s a traditional track and the racing is always exciting!"
Mechanic - Marius Gjevik Mechanic - Mark Holton Mechanic - Geoff (Jif) Spear
"It’s got to be Budapest...great parties there!!"
"Cadwell Park because I won more bikes races there than anywhere else."
Some words from Geoff coming soon.
Operations Manager - Phil High Truckie - Steve Pratt Truckie - Ian Martin
"Yarmouth! With the dogs!"
"Spa because of the history behind it all"
"Snetterton, because it’s closest to home!"
PA to Team Principal, Team co-ordinator - Lindsay Venn
"My favourite GP2 track has got to be Spa, I ran round it twice for charity so I know It well!"