In terms of championship success, there is no other tyre manufacturer who can claim the recent success of Bridgestone. In 2007 the Japanese company will be the sole tyre supplier to Formula One in addition to its role as partner and sole tyre supplier to the GP2 Series.

“The switch from grooved to slick dry weather tyres for the 2006 GP2 Series was an exciting new challenge and one we enjoyed. It brought a new dimension to the series. At the beginning of last season we found that many teams experienced a tendency for oversteer from their cars, but the teams and our engineers worked together to find a good solution. This year the car has been modified so that the total package is more neutral so that we can expect a lot more close racing”

Mr Hirohide Hamashima – Director of Bridgestone Motorsport Tyre Development

Bridgestone GP2 Series specifications

Fronts : 265/55R 13
Rears : 325/45R 13

Tyre Dimensions

  • Dry Fronts : 655mm diameter, 355mm width
  • Dry Rears : 654mm diameter, 377mm width
  • Wet Fronts : 661mm diameter, 342mm width
  • Dry Fronts : 660mm diameter, 376mm width