• Carbon with Aluminium honeycomb


  • Front and rear double wishbone, pushrod operated, twin dampers and springs suspension
  • Adjustable ride height, camber and toe
  • Four way adjustable dampers
  • Adjustable front and rear roll bars
Camera Equipment
  • Roll hoop and nose cone camera pre-equipment
Steering System
  • Non assisted rack and pinion steering system
  • Carbon steering wheel with dashboard, gear change and clutch paddle
  • Carbon brake discs, carbon pads
Wheels and Tyres
  • GP2 Series specification slick tyres
  • F1 standard wheel dimensions
  • 6-speed longitudinal sequential gearbox
  • Electro-hydraulic command via paddle shift on steering wheel
  • No on-board starter, anti-stall system
  • Non hydraulic ramp differential
  • 4 litre – V8 – 600HP @ 10,000rpm
  • 8 in 1 exhaust
  • Fly by wire accelerator system
  • Rebuild after 4000 – 4500 km
Electronic Features
  • Magnetic Marelli ECU / GCU including data logging system
  • Data acquisition pre-equipment: wiring loom, connection boxes, beacon receiver
Fuel Cell
  • FIA standard premier FT5 120 litres
Extinguisher System
  • Lifeline (electrically operated)